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My work experience always brought my attention to Body Image understanding. I worked with a variety of publics, of all ages and different cultures. And the way people see themselves fascinates me.


Professional Background



University of Caxias do Sul

2009 - 2016



2016 - 2019

Professional Route


Silvera for Seniors


Brown Branding

6 years Degree with practicum on Family Therapy, Career Counselling and Individual psychotherapy.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

I worked as a Community Psychologist at APADEV, a non-profit organization that supports people who are blind, partially sighted, or deaf-blind.


I realize everyone, even those who never saw the light, has a representation of their bodies.


This interest made me passionate about researching. I had daily experiences witnessing the different manifestations of body image development, including social, cultural, and emotional aspects.

I’ve developed my own Career Counselling Program, and I worked with a variety of teenagers. It was an incredible experience to see how the relationship with body image interferes with career choice and success.

Working with seniors was also an amazing opportunity to observe the impact of Body Image transformation throughout the years. The aging process occurs differently for all of us, and the way each individual deals with it affects self-esteem significantly.

Supporting women's entrepreneurship was a result of a variety of conclusions I had after studying Body Image. I came across the fact that women who suffer from negative Body Image can significantly improve their relationship with their bodies when they develop meaningful careers. Therefore, when a woman thrives in her business, besides feeling better about herself, she tends to employ more women as well.




International Women of Saskatoon

As a volunteer helping newcomers, immigrants and refugee women, I strengthened my awareness of different Body Image aspects among cultures. Multiculturality and diversity are key to understanding Body Image and its specificities.

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