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8 reasons why you should write content 2023

Updated: Jan 31

(And why you are ready to start)

Are you wondering if content writing is important for your brand?

I am going to show you 8 reasons why you need to write content and get the results you are looking for in 2023.

Content writing is everywhere. Technology has changed the way we live and sell our services. Website, Blog, and Social Media are the most popular places where presenting great content is key.

But why is publishing written content relevant?

Regardless if you are an organization or a professional, believe me. Having great content published is a crucial factor that separates you from being successful or just bored.

Let's get into 8 advantages of content writing:

1. Attract traffic to your page

Search engines are getting better every day!

Preserving a page well-ranked on google became the obsession of many business owners.

But if you are considering just publishing your page and waiting for your words to turn into money, it is going to be an immense frustration.

Written content has the power of increasing the number of viewers on your website, but has to be done with a rational purpose.

Once you know that, is possible to create content that works for you.

If you are an artist, for instance, having written content supports your work substantially. And here is a cool factor: many visitors are not even reading every word you post. But your words will serve like magnets to attract people interested in your services.

This is the magic of SEO. We predict what your client is looking for, and through writing, we open the doors!

2. Connect you to the right audience

Your perfect client is looking for you out there!

And your words are decisive in whether they will find you or not?

Content writing has the power to connect you with those who are expecting to find you. Writing content with a purpose implies having the right words your perfect client is typing right now.

3. Increase recognition within your field

I am not talking about making your peers and old colleagues jealous of you… I mean, this might happen as a side effect.

But being recognized for your good work is a must and can create incredible opportunities.

You are loaded with professional activities. You don't have time to reach out to nice potential partners or even increase your networking circle.

That’s where your content saves your life again. Once you post, it is going to be there forever.

Now, picture this with me. You are a Mental Health professional with tons of knowledge and pieces of writing just sleeping in your drawer. And on the other side of your country, there is a well-recognized person looking for a speaker for a Congress. If your knowledge was in a post instead of sleeping tight, you would be found online and invited to this event.

Besides, having the content published, not only in academic formats but in a way that “normal” people can understand, increases your connection with the public, as well as your trust in yourself.

4. Develop authority

The idea of “being an authority” is a dangerous marketing strategy. People are selling authority without actually having it. Simply because these “gurus” are good at creating engaging narratives. But after making money, they leave people behind with zero value offered.

But you are not like that; you are a proper authority. You spent so long studying and polishing your techniques. You know what you are talking about and you have real value to offer.

And this is the best weapon against the charlatans: a veritable master’s voice. So stop being a shy little nerd and speak out.

Convince yourself that you are ready. Take your old thesis or paperwork and create blog articles, social media posts, ebooks, etc. That information is a treasure and is time to be shared.

I assure you, many people NEED to listen to your voice.

5. Keep updated on your topic

Developing good writing requires even better research. Doesn't matter if you know all the details about everything you are saying. You need an update before writing.

But don't take this as a bad thing. Researching can be both boring and fun, depending on your attitude.

So take the fun path, get your coffee, smile to yourself, and get your work done. Research academic writing, data, facts, news, and every piece of content you can obtain. Look for how people are writing about the same topic and picture yourself doing a slightly better job =)

Besides helping you create amazing content, you’re going to feel that lovely refreshment on your ideas. Look at new ways to approach familiar topics.

Being an updated professional is a must, and content writing saves the day again!!

6. Create an opportunity to network

Who loves networking?

Well, loving or not, networking is important. Connections can take you everywhere.

When you write content about your expertise, key connections will appear around you.

Maybe a business partner, a sponsor, or a coeditor, the sky is the limit.

New connections expose you to new ideas and opportunities.

7. Help you sell your books or courses

Have you ever heard that your website should be your best salesperson?

That’s so on point.

If you have books, courses, or any other physical or digital product, you need “someone” to keep selling for you while you improve your skills or simply take a vacation.

For service providers, the formula applies as well. Your content keeps informing your current and future clients about all you can offer.

Now let’s think this through.

What kind of salesperson do you want?

I’m pretty sure isn’t that sloppy, right?

You prefer that skillful one, well-equipped with everything needed to successfully reach your goals, as well as express your brand voice clearly and professionally. The one eager to fascinate your audience.

That's the power of content writing. Besides giving your audience a little taste of your knowledge, your words can guide them to a final purchase.

8. Open the door for affiliation programs

Before planning, writing, and posting your content, be mindful of this opportunity. Searching for relevant links to your content can help to monetize your website, blog, or social media in the future.

You should plan this out ahead and be aware of those options.

Things to consider when writing content

Insightful content writing is required if you want results.

What do I mean by that?

When you write content and you expect results, don’t take your blog as your journal. Instead, go through a complete Branding Plan and align your writing activity closely with your Brand and Marketing Initiatives.

Understanding your target audience, brand tone, and values is a key component to developing writing content that works.

Writing is an enormous challenge! Is a process that contains cognitive and emotional aspects. But when you overcome the resistance is a rewarding activity.

Writing is an “always-expanding” skill. There is constantly something new to learn. A new grammar structure, a new trick to make it better. A new topic to talk about it.

Finding your tone is also a forevermore journey. And once you “get there” you’ll find another aspect to improve.


I think by this time you have no more doubts about how content creation is an important piece to contribute to your brand's development!

You have so much knowledge to share and your voice has to be listened to!

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