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Organizations talking about Body Image you should know about it

Updated: Jan 31

There are a variety of non-profits and Mental Health organizations approaching the “Body Image” topic.

Their local culture and demands create a unique perspective.

I was so happy to navigate their websites and see how many beautiful things are out there.

Not only in terms of producing content and advocating for a healthier Body Image. But also the diversity of support that is already at play.

A variety of benefits are being offered to our collective.

There is still a lot of work to be done. But the change has started.

For professionals working with Body Image, there is a tone of content and training provided by these organizations. For individuals needing support, there are groups, circles, help lines, and valuable information.

So, don’t miss the opportunity of getting educated, trained, and informed about resources that might help your clients.

Here is a list of 10 websites you have to check out:

  1. The Body Positive

Working to promote Body Acceptance, The Body Positive provides courses for individuals, students, educators, and treatment practitioners.


2. The Body Positive Alliance

Advocating for body acceptance, this student-led nonprofit has an interesting Blog, Newsletter and Book Club. You can register for events and receive more information.

The CEO has an inspiring story about her challenges with eating disorder, and how this motivated the advocation for others.

I appreciate how they stressed the importance of fighting against implicit bias.


3. SeekHer Foundation

You can find circles and training that promote support for women eager to talk about Body Image and its struggles. Women's empowerment is key to achieving results at a collective level.

Professionals can find training and mentorship on their website.


4. The Body Empowerment

A non-profit organization working towards the prevention of eating disorders among adolescents and supporting those who cannot access resources easily.

Promoting equality when approaching Body Image, and Mental Health is crucial.

The Body Empowerment offers Educational Workshops and Professional Training.


5. Body Image Movement

Taryn Brumfitt is the founder of the Body Image Movement and the Embrace documentary’s director. She was nominated as the Australian of the year due to her advocation for Body Image.

In fact, Body Image Movement does an amazing job of encouraging people to love their bodies and celebrate diversity.

You can find books to buy on their website, as well as free guides to support you.


6. Body Confidence Canada

This organization is making a difference in Canada. Advocating for diversity, inclusiveness, and body acceptance, they host an annual event named Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs). Those who are doing a great job increasing Body Equity and diversity are awarded.

Check the videos on their website.

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7. More than a body

This is an organization founded by two identical twins who have been studying Body Image for years.

Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite have tons of great content on Social Media, as well as online courses and books.

They encourage people to have knowledge about how good their body is, not focusing on how it looks like.


8. Body Gossip

This charity empowers people to love their bodies through Art and Education. Body Gossip offers a drama workshop, including creative writing and live performance to support people to appreciate their bodies.

They portray inspiring stories on their website.


9. Butterfly

This Australian organization connects people struggling with eating disorders with the right support.

They have a helpline, online and in-person support, workshops, and a residential-Recovery.

Personally, I think that every country should have an organization like Butterfly. Offering and helpline and a residential recovery specifically for people struggling with Body Image and eating disorders are not something we see as much as we should.


10. Adios Barbie

This amazing website has a lot of valuable content about Body Image in so many contexts. Adios Barbie is a web magazine that emphasizes social justice.

They used to offer an amazing 5 - months fellowship program for new writers, but I’m not sure if is still available.

However, their blog is incredible and you should spend some time there.


I had so many insights looking at those organizations and how each one approaches Body Image from a different perspective. Please, if you look at their websites, let me know your insights.

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